On Site

Current I am holding a number of on site events in the Camborne and Redruth areas of Cornwall. These include fun quizzes and fun karaoke.

Full details of these and a map showing where they are is shown below.

If you have any questions or would like to book to attend an event please either contact me using the form at the bottom of the page, or the venue.

The gallery shows a number of events taking place, have a look at there to get an idea as to what a fun event is like!

See you soon.

If you are looking for an event for your venue I can offer many fun services. These are all unique for each audience and each venue.

I can offer the following, but please get in contact as I am always adding new services; and am also open any suggestions you may have.

Fun Quizzes

I offer a number of different fun quiz formats and types, but you may will ake what is a fun quiz?


A fun quiz is one where the fun and social side of the quiz is more important than how you do at the quiz, and the rounds are created to make them fun.


My usual quiz consists of 6 rounds of 10 questions each (giving you a total of 60 questions). After the first three rounds there is a break and then the final three rounds.


Each question is read out twice, with the options of repeats, and papers are swapped with other teams for marking.


Talking of teams, they are usually limited to a maximum of 6 (but this is up to you).


All answersheets are priovided.


The standard format for the quiz round are:

  • General Knowledge
  • Picture round (this can be pictures and questions of anything)
  • Questions round (this changes for every quiz)
  • Questions round (this changes for every quiz)
  • Questions round (this changes for every quiz)
  • Music round (10 questions about music, usually the name of the song/performer/filmorTV programme the theme tune comes from)


This is a quiz where there are six subjects covering different topics, and is the more traditional 'pub' quiz style


This is a quiz where the rounds are all about music, they can be verbal questions, listening to music, and if your venue allows even video rounds.


Quingo is a mixture of music and bingo. You have a 'bingo' card with answers to music qustions on them (usually either the name of the song or artist) You then cross off the answers to the music you are hearing. You can play for a line, house or a number of other options.


I am sure everyone know what bingo is and how you play it, so what is different about what I offer?


That is simple, it is fun and I offer lots of different types and styles of bingo, including UK, US, Muisc and Quingo.


So how do you make bingo fun?

That is simple, you can use the bingo lingo and relate to the audience, this is not a bingo hall type of bingo calling.


UK bingo is the standard 9x3 grid and you can play for a line, two line, full house or more

US Bingo is played on a 5x5 grid and is played for either the whole card or a row, with each row having its own colour and number

Music Bingo is usually played on the US style cards and you cross on the name of the song when it is played. Music used is up to you!

Qingo is a quiz and bingo merged.

You have a bingo card with the question answers and cross off the answers as you are asked them.


I offer a fun karaoke, where you can sing along with your favourite tracks, with friends or on your own.

So what makes a karaoke fun?

Firstly when you hear me do what I call singing you will understand. I do not have a good singing voice and this encourages those who cannot sing to give it a go. Usually this leads to others giving it a go and the whole crowd getting behind everyone and having a great night singing.

Pub Games

I offer a number of different types of traditional pub games, including open the box, Yes/No game and Higher or Lower game.

Fore more details see below or ask me a question.

Higher and Lower Game

Can you remember 'Play Your Cards Right' on television? This is my version.


Just to refresh your memory or give you some idea of the game if you have never seen it played:


Played using a standard (but oversized) deck of cards. Playing cards are laid out, face down, in two rows.


The first player gets to see the first card turned over on the top row, then the fun begins! In order to keep playing and turning cards, they need to correctly guess whether the next card turned will be higher or lower than the one before it. They also have one failsafe - so if they get a tough card (e.g. a 7) they get one chance to change the card for another. Correct guesses ensure the player keeps control of the board, but pick incorrectly and play changes to the next player.


The winner is the player to turn  over the last card.

Yes No Game

Are you able to answer questions quickly without hesitation or repetition?

If so then the Yes No Game is for you.

It is a simple game, you get two or five minutes of quick fire questions which you must answer without hesitation, repetition, and also without saying yes or no.

The person lasting the longest, or beating the clock wins.

Open The Box

There are two types of the open the box game.


The first is the game with lots of keys and you get to pick a key.


Then there is the one with questions and multiple boxes

Pick a Key

In this game you get a raffle ticket, or tickets for the chance to open the box for a cash, or other prize.

If your ticket is picked you get to come up and pick one of upto 10 keys and try and open the box. If you are successful then you win the prize, if not the money from that draw is added to the prize and play continues until there is a winner.

Multiple Boxes

With this game you answer a simple general knowledge question and if you get this correct you get the chance to open one of several boxes or take the envelope.

If you take the envelope you win what is in it (usually a free attempt to try again or a free drink etc.). If you open the box you win whatever is in the box.

Now the prizes in the box could be money, lottery tickets or nothing at all, the choice is yours.


This is the music I offer apart from Karaoke which is given in more detail below.

I can offer music for an event if this is a party or an outside event.

The music, and lights etc. if needed are able to be changed to meet your requirements.

Get in contact for more information.


Along with pub games, quizzes and music I also offer some other games and services, these are:


Similar to Chanel 4's game Countdown, but this is my fun version, with no limit on team numbers or participants. Play solo or with others, it's your choice.

If you have never seen chanel 4' Countdown, this is a brief rundown on how the game is played:

  • Word rounds: Each team gets a chance to pick nine letters, consisting of a mixture of consonants and vowels. Then everyone gets a timer lasting 30 seconds to find the longest word they can. At the end of the time I ask each team to confirm how long their word is, submitted words are checked against the system dictionary. Valid words are then scored according to length.

  • Number rounds: Teams choose which combination of high and low numbers they want, then with the 6 numbers provided try to reach the three figure target in the 30 second time limit using + - / *. Points are awarded dependent upon how close they get to the goal.

  • Final round - the Conundrum: At the end of the game there is the final 9 letter conundrum, which could be crucial!

Race Night

Race nights are a great way to bring people into your event and also for raising money.

People bet on the outcome of horse, dog or bicycle races. All of the races are shown on screen and are close finishes.

You can extend this to allow companies to sponsor the horses, for which they would get some advertising.

Please contact me for more details.