Welcome to my quizzes page. Quizzy

At the moment I run two types of 'live' quizzes, a general pub quiz and a music quiz (which are made available the same day for on demand play via iQuiz).

However, I can also run Quingo and Darts if there are enough teams interested. If you would like more details on any of the individual quizzes please see the menu to the right (or below if you are viewing via mobile phone).

I try to ensure that all of my quizzes are fun. Do you know what makes a 'fun' quiz?

Well, I can tell you that is a combination of elements that all come together for a fun player experience. Now, I am not about to reveal all of my secrets - but I don't mind sharing a few: 

  • Questions: whilst they may not always be easy and may stretch your brain, they are definitely fun and nothing like sitting in the Mastermind chair!
  • Teams: I actively encourage banter between teams, player participation during the answers, and during the music rounds - if you want to sing along I am happy to give you the 'floor' to croon to us all. 
  • Quizmaster Michael: a host who enjoys delivering a quiz, gives out the odd corny pun or joke, and dances along to the music rounds definitely adds to the recipe for a fun-filled time!

Sounds like something you want to try? Check out the Calendar for details of the upcoming live quizzes, or if you want to dip your toe in the water first, why not try one of those on demand in iQuiz.